3WT #48

It’s that time again ! 3 Word Thursday is here and this week the words Quilly is challenging us to are the following. Click on any of the links to get more info on how to follow along. We look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to sign into mr. linky.

To break him from his accidie ways, old man Hubbard used his cromack on the boys’ backside until it was fissiparous.

We cannot recall a time when we saw her without her cromack. It had been with her since she appeared from within the hills all the way to her dying day. It was thought that because of the age of it that it would be fissiparous and not stand another day. We thought to burry it with her but when we went to get it, it was no longer there.

In her many years in the small town of Carsgrove Hills, never once did we see that old lady act in an accidie way, always running from one place to the next and always with that cromack in her hand. Some began to whisper of the magical properties of that stick yet none would ever voice so loud their suppositions. It was a  kind muttering with none taking it too serious. But all the same it was still just weird that on the day we buried the old lady, it was the say the old cromack too disappeared.



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