It Comes In Three’s! and who says you don’t learn anything new…

It’s spring break for me and with the only plan being to go out to a latin dance club and hanging out with friends during this time off the ultimate goal was to just kick back! So let me tell you how it started.

Friday I went to the pool for about an hour with a friend and got fried err sunburned (this is amazing to me because of the amount of burning that occurred and there weren’t any clouds). But that was ok since I didn’t really notice it until later that evening while at work.

Saturday morning is looking nice and breezy as my family and I get up to clean the house where in one of my more graceful moves I manage to break my little toe. Don’t ask there’s not enough words to describe it. I hobbled around work that night and  by the time it was done was so tired I wished I was taking the bus home just so I didn’t have to drive, then I walked out and saw my family there to pick me up and remembered that while I had driven in, it was with them and they had returned to fetch me. I was very grateful. Very. When we got home I went to bed. It was only 930 pm. That’s sacrilege in my house as a 1 am bedtime is the earliest norm.  But hey, I had a sunburn which itched like the very devil and a broken little toe swollen to the size of a giant cheese puff. I feel it was safer to get to bed.

Day three. I wake up with a sore throat and think I should just stay in bed, but there are commitments to be met and work to be tended. The kid and I get a ride in to our volunteer site and did I mention that by this time I am running a fever? No problem, I mean it was a small one and I was only a little uncomfortable and felt I could work. I didn’t make it a full hour.

On top of the sunburn from Friday, the broken toe Saturday, Sunday felt like turning around and throwing strep throat my way. Did you know, that that little thing that hangs in the back of your throat is called a vulva? I don’t thinks it’s very good when the nurse exclaims how big it is and immediately returns with the doctor.  (though I have to say, the sick perverse side of me enjoyed freaking out the medical staff if only just a little)

I didn’t sleep for the next 2 nights! Between the fever, the entire body ache and not being able to swallow and breath I was a walking wound. I got to sleep last night though where I happily snored my loving husband from the bed and didn’t even know it.  All in all, It has been a most unproductive spring break and for the last few days very surreal.

Surreal because of the high fever that is and the not being at work. So in all, I guess my spring break has been while not great, not entirely bad either.



  1. Wow what a three days I’m telling you. I hope you are on the road to recovery. Sorry to hear about this but in the end you keep a positive spin on things. One of your many great traits I must add 🙂 Get better soon and hopefully some sleep as well 🙂


  2. Thanks Thom. I am loads better from how I was. It has been a very long time since I was this sick and it reminds me what a great guy my husband is.
    As for being positive I have to say, while I couldn’t do so physically, I was mentally laughing about the whole situation. It is just too funny when I think about the whole chain of events.


  3. The idea of Spring Break is not to actually break your body. You’re just supposed to give your mind a rest. Of course, one could argue that you’d rested your mind to the point of no longer thinking or paying attention, which is how you came to break your body.

    Say hey to Jeff and the girl-child.


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