PAD and 3WT and other drivel

Robert from Poetic Asides is hosting his annual poem a day(PAD) for the month of April.

To Start it off the prompt for day one is to write a lonely poem. The narrator could be lonely. Someone or something in the poem could be lonely. Or the poem itself could try to evoke a feeling of loneliness for the reader. Or, as in challenges past, you could take the poem in a completely unique direction.

Here is my attempt:

The outlook is bleak,

the sky is grey, the water turbulent.

a barren landscape of sand and nothing

Staring back at the lonely soul perusing it.

3WT #49

Thanks to Quilly for hosting this ever loving hobby of mine. This weeks words coincided with PAD so I thought I would give them both a try.

The Words:

it was by choice to absquatulate

there was none to vocitate

there were plenty who put a malison on my soul

it makes me happy to know

that in this realm of shadow and cliffs

i’ll know no more pain and misery…


I find it funny that life tends to be circular. For example, on Monday I was explaining to my physics professor why he would really enjoy the Final Destination series. I mean, how could a person not like such an organized orchestration of death? and now here I sit on Thursday evening, after having channel flipped thru all 20 channels, watching the very movie that was discussed earlier in the week.

Just thought you would all like to experience a really great poet(s) Check out their blog Across the Lake, Eerily



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