PAD#2 All About Water

Robert from Poetic Asides is hosting his annual poem a day(PAD) for the month of April.

For today’s prompt, write a water poem. The poem could be specifically about water or just include water somewhere within the poem. You could even write about water-based phenomenon, such as rainbows or water spouts.

Here is my first attempt :

The deepness is uncharted

there is both fury and peace

it can sooth the soul

or send you into a turbulent spin

it crashes , it waves

it pulls you out

and drags you beneath

tempting you from the surface

only to toss you back

it is our body, it is our soul

it gives you life, it can bring you death

it swirls and pulls and tugs and smashes

this turbulent sea, I gaze at in wonder

Here is a second :

The surface of the waters are still and calm

the waters are still and calm

but under the surface, a storm is brewing

seething and frothing, churning and gnashing

a sea of greed and rage

a riverbed of love and hate

a tempest of raging passion, a path of clear destruction

silently burbling to the surface

coming slowly awake-

a silent scream growing in volume

sending and echoing vibration louder and louder

clawing to the surface, growing in rage and anger-

growing in rage and anger

The surface of the waters remain still and calm

neither a burble or a gargle marring the surface

to hint at the chaos running rampant beneath

and the surface remains still and calm

as it all combines and comes rising up

all stops and holds its breath

a moment between a butterflies wing flap

until the surface is no longer still and calm

and the water is no longer still and calm.



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