Drivel-mostly useless

Though truly you could take out the mostly and substitute it for all.

Things that keep me up at night-The phrase “can’t we all just get along?” Yes, I know it’s ridiculous, but then so am I at times. The phrase just bugs me, most especially when I want to say it. I actually have a whole rant for this but I think I’ll save it for now.

Or how about needlessly thinking about things that cannot be changed or that you yourself cannot change, but you can’t stop thinking about them anyways?

Does anyone know what a dream about ghosts and electric blue cats with a blood red undercoat mean?

Or how about having an almost, that’s right almost phenomenal conversation with a person and then coming up short? Either because they had to go or that certain spark didn’t catch? At which point you’re left wondering what the heck? What went wrong. The fact that you knew it was almost there but that it lagged is worse then not having the friggin conversation at all. I mean come on people, if you’re going to start a conversation with someone, and it has all the potential to be great then stick to it, don’t just wonder away. I mean, how often do these conversations come along in our every day pedantic world? I know I don’t get them very often.  Do you?


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