PAD # 7 but really number 4 for me! And oh how I’ve missed the bus.

Hey so I missed a couple, I don’t feel guilty though.  I’ve been busy. Aren’t we all?

Robert from Poetic Asides is hosting his annual poem a day(PAD) for the month of April.

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Until (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and write the poem. Possibilities include: “Until we meet again,” “Until tomorrow,” “Until monkeys fly out my butt,” or even “Until blank” (why not?). Until we meet again, have a great Wednesday!

Here is todays submission to PAD-Hope you all enjoy.

Until I Die

I will walk this plain and search for knowledge

I will teach my young one all that I can

Feel a mariad of emotions

both good and bad

stretch the limits of my

moral compass without breaking it

I will hope




And because I just cannot leave well enough alone, here is my second attempt. This one took longer than 30 seconds.


Until I grow

Until I learn

Until change comes

I will wait and endure

until the wind blows

until the rain falls

until the sun breaks again

I will stand and seek

Until I ache

Until I heal

Until I feel

I will languish at your side

Until there is no more to wait for

until I can stand on my own

Until I can speak my mind

with no  remorse

Until I can accomplish all

that I have set out to do

Until I heed that voice

that tells me to follow


I miss the bus. I have been driving a lot recently and have become lazy in my daily habits. Due to car failure I am back on the bus and I have to say I am as happy as can be. The joy of listening to my iPod and taking a nap has been lost to me these many months.  But now I’m back to the bus and happy as a clam.



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