Musical Monday

What’s moving you this week?

Thanks to Diane at Good Morning Glory for hosting. It’s a great opportunity to express our taste in music. Here are some suggested themes for April! You do not have to participate in the themes if you’re just not feeling it. But if you might enjoy having a little prompt, here they are!
April 12 – Haha! THIS Is Gonna Get Stuck In Your Head Alllll Day!
April 19 – Dedicate a song to a friend or loved one
April 26 – Musical Therapy

Please interpret/use these prompts any way you wish!!!!

For this week I decided to check out a couple of artists that I have listened to on the radio. At the top of that list was Adam Lambert (I know!) But he has turned out to be a surprisingly gripping musician, and as such his song Sleepwalker has been playing in my head all day.



  1. During AI I had him picked to win and he should have. He is something that doesn’t come around all that often. He is a gifted, talented man and I think he’s going to go far. He’s awesome. I loved this. Great choice my friend 🙂


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