Musical Monday

Thanks to Diane at Good Morning Glory for hosting. It’s a great opportunity to express our taste in music. Here are some suggested themes for April! You do not have to participate in the themes if you’re just not feeling it. But if you might enjoy having a little prompt, here they are!

April 19 – Dedicate a song to a friend or loved one
April 26 – Musical Therapy

Please interpret/use these prompts any way you wish and once you’ve posted link back and listens to the others!

Dedicating songs is a hard one. Especially as I can never choose just one. Fortunately for you all (yawl!) There are going to be a few.

First up Today is Gavin DeGraw’s “I just want to be free”. This one is more of a sentiment to me which I will be feeling by the time my third class is over today.

Sorry for the lack of video-This was all I could find that I liked.

Next one to my little one-This song applies as much now as it did when she was one swaying to the video. Lee Ann Womack’s “I hope you dance”

For my hun-who actually saw Sammy this weekend past. Good listening!

and for all of you-something mellow and hopefully, unusual.



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