Reflections and other Psychological crap!

I have not been here in awhile and the reasons are two-fold. One is that I have been unbearably stressed out between school, getting sick, and working more hours than norm and not in anyway having time to get organized (and just to clarify here, it’s the lack of organization that has me the most stressed). So that is just one reason, the second reason and probably one of the most important, with regards to this blog, is that I have realized I have become a blog hopping bunny. For those that don’t understand it means that the only content of late that is posted on my blog is coming from memes from others blogs. No real original content of my own. Which is fine for most, but I am wanting a little more substance. From me. This was becoming something of a problem for me as I was not sure what it was I wanted to do with this blog. It had stopped being personal and was all about entertaining the masses (again, not really a problem but for me…).

So where does that leave this blog, me and a whole host of other people that I connect with here? Well, for some, boredom, for others (mostly me) enlightenment. There will be some memes as I do actually enjoy a couple, but mostly, I will be posting stuff about me and mine, things that I have created.

So, a blog that is no longer about the memes but instead about all the the me!

And for those of you reading and saying well duh! All I have to say is sometimes we get lost and distracted, going down a path not intended. You have the (un)fortunate privilege of walking with me on mine.



  1. Great video. I say ya gotta do what makes you happy. I think entertaining people is fun as it is about me and my thinking. So don’t sell yourself short with that. Hope you are feeling better and get good grades. I do miss hearing about your bus and work escapades I must say. 🙂


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