Beds, Couches and an overall lack of sleep

My bed is to hard. Not firm but just plan hard. When we wake up we are stiff and sore and feel like we haven’t been asleep at all. In fact we usually feel like we have been doing some hard labor work.

My solution was to sleep on my overwhelmingly big sofa, which is soft and comfortable. So I tried this and here is what occured:

I didn’t have enough pillows so had to get up to get more, the blanket wasn’t enough so I got cold, the space between the two parts of the couch became incredibly uncomfortable and somewhere along the way I started to itch so bad that even after I found that really comfortable spot I couldn’t sleep anyways because I was too busy twitching! After about an hour of this I returned the the hard as nails bed where I promptly passed out and awoke this morning sore as ever.

Today I’m going out to get one of those memory foam mattress toppers. And if that doesn’t work I’m burning the bed. We’ll keep you updated for a possible bon fire.

and below, not exactly mood music but I liked the song and it happened to be playing while I finished it up so enjoy!



  1. And raspberries right back to the two of you! ;P I miss my king size be we had bought when we moved to Washington-only to have sold it six months later so we could move here ;( And Thom, I like firm beds too, however, sleeping on my bed is worse than sleeping on a pile of rocks.


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