People are just pigs…

But we have been over that one already, my problem this time around is having them follow me around to each table after I have finished folding it. DON”T YOU PEOPLE HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO THAN FOLLOW THE POOR LITTLE ME AROUND? I mean come on! There are plenty of other tables that are messy you can mess with you don’t need to follow me around ;(( URGH!) I know this was a lesson in patience one in which depending on how you look at, I did pass. I mean, there are no dead bodies, I didn’t have a need to have to hide any corpses and I didn’t say anything rude or mean (though you know I was thinking it!)

And another thing, what the hell people when a person tells you that they are closed and could you please go to the register, don’t say ok and then continue browsing, take your ass and your purchases and high tail it to the registers! You’re not the only ones that work hard and want to go home! In fact you lingering is putting us off schedule thereby making us have to work faster, which creates more stress which we manifest by our rude behavior because you have no CONSIDERATION FOR US! Think about it, if you say we are rude, chances are that you or someone like you is the reason for it. Be nice to us and we’ll be nice to you

I’m just saying…

Now after all this catterwalling I thing I will just sit back, relax and enjoy watching my husband get his birthday present massage. 😉



  1. Happy belated birthday to Jess (I am really bad at keeping track of such stuff). And after working in a women’s clothing store, I m much tidier about how I shop. I say working retail sales should be a mandatory part of every one’s education — say 10th & 11th grade.


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