A Thought and a Song for Monday

This is an old song but it was running through my head as I was calling various places looking for information on Phlebotomy classes today, as well as getting things (though not really) done that I needed to take care of. Of everything there were maybe 2 or 3 things that I might have forgotten in my quest for calling around for information.

The fact that it is an actual Monday is purely a coinkidink!

Now for the thought!

While watching the video (it took me awhile to find it because I thought Cindi Lauper sang it) I was thrown back into the nightmare that was the 80’s.  I had to laugh because first, I can remember the amount of hair spray used to keep hair in that “made to look like you just woke up and didn’t brush it tease”.

I can remember the full size of Aquanet hair spray my cousin would hall around with her everywhere (as if she already didn’t have enough in her hair) and secondly, with the exception of the ripped clothing fad that seems to be making a comeback, I cannot recall any other time period in which people dressed as they did then. I now fads recycle about every twenty years or so but the 80’s had a unique look in it’s fashion.

I mean can anyone else tell me when “Flock of Seagulls” became a fashion and what it originated from? The fact that there is a hair style actually named after the band sporting it is a little scary. Let’s hope that this is not one trend that is going to recycle.

Though I won’t generally be filling my blog with lots of memes Musical Monday will most likely be the exception as music is something I love and enjoy hearing. This week you can link to Screaming Mimi’s page to participate if you should so choose.



  1. Aren’t those do’s of the 80’s just something else? It makes me wonder how we all survived it. LOL The Bangles were never tops on my list. As a matter of fact I think this is the only song I know by them LOL Thanks for sharing this and bringing back the Do Nightmare!!!


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