30 Days of Night and a wondering mind

I just watched 30 Days of Night and have to say it will definitely go down as one of my favs. Not because it was spectacular or anything, nor was the acting great-Hell, it wasn’t even because it was a vampire movie (which in my book would have automatically put it on the list). Nope, none of those things is the reason it is one of my favorites. Quite simply, it was the idea that a group of people could survive for 30 whole days of night. Monsters be damned because when compared to not having any sun for that length of time one must worry about what monsters from within will manifest. The duality of the movie was the most interesting aspect of it.

I especially love the main characters stoic practicality about killing friends and neighbors in order to ensure the survival of the group. I would definitely say that it takes that type of personality to survive in the Alaskan wilderness let alone to go without sunlight for 30 days. It would make for a psychologist’s dream study on the  SADD disorder.



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