In response to Thom’s earlier post “When the music stopped” and because it caused me to keep hearing it in my head I went onto youtube (I’ve become a junkie I know but they just make it so easy) and went searching for one of the better versions of our National Anthem. There were a lot a good ones, and one where a man sang a 4th verse I had never heard before, but of them all this little girl takes the cake.

So I haven’t been in the blog verse lately and there are many reasons for that (one of which is extreme laziness) but also lack of anything to write. I mean I think I chatted myself right out of my blog and how lame is that. It is after all one of my few joys. And speaking of joys, the most important reason I haven’t been writing is my Phlebotomy class. That’s right people, be happy that yawl moved away, because I am in the process of becoming and official leech aka blood sucker, aka living vampire. Sorry Thom, I will be knocking at your door soon looking for a donation 😉

I think I have found my calling. And who would have ever thought I would get so much joy out of sticking people? (no commentary from the peanut gallery!) But I am finding it to be very cathartic. Well, we will see how it goes. We are to start week 3 Saturday and I can’t wait for class to get here! Yay!!!  And because I couldn’t resist such happiness I thought I would share with you one of my favorite songs of all time. I know it’s a little cheesy and for some it will be down right creepy but heh, it wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t.


2 thoughts on “‘Sup!

  1. Well this nut is commenting LOL and I’m running when I see you coming. LOL Why is it I can see that giving you great pleasure to do LOL 🙂 I love the Monster Mash as well. Good pick. I liked that version of our National Anthem but I must say my favorite of all times is HERE. None better if you ask me.


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