Well, the families gone…what to do what to do?!

It might seem like a great time to break out the shades and throw on a button-down shirt and little else and crank the music to slide/dance across the floor

as the family is gone-off on a trip the the nether regions of Washington DC–Unfortunately, there are too many grooves in the floor to go sliding across it though the dancing is not out. School is in and then there is work and a cat to take care of as well (who coincidentally feels the need to attach herself to me now as her primary playmate is gallivanting off elsewhere).

So where does this all leave me? Well, I have two whole weeks of unadulterated me time. Only problem is that I can’t remember the last time this happened and therefore have no idea what to do with myself (at least nothing that won’t get me in trouble ;)) Well, here’s to day one of ME DAY. Unfortunately, I have errands to run that will keep me busy right up until work. Oh, how I look forward to tomorrow, where I think, after class I will go see Case 39. Anyone up for that with me?



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