Moving and turning it into a Nightmare!

So we are scheduled for a BIG move to return to the mainland after five years here in paradise.  In the process I have learned many things. Some about my husband (though truthfully these were just confirmed musings) and some from having helped a friend with Her BIG move back to the great land of Missouri. Things the evil me would like to do right now is just grab my important document box, stuffed the cat in her carrier and set a match to the whole shebang. But alas, I don’t wish to go to Jail (especially here is Hawaii), I don’t have insurance to cover it (not that they would if they suspected arson-I’m thinking the smell of gas would be a tipper) and there is money to be made from all this extraneous crap! Unfortunately it is this last bit more than anything that stays my hand-ok maybe the second thing but you get where I’m going with this. The trick now is getting it sorted and sold.

On to the sorting, well, this is not as hard as it seems, surprisingly. Because although we have inadvertently become hoarders (or maybe not so inadvertently) We decided to start anew in our new place and try to keep things to a very Spartan like minimum. So this automatically leaves all furnishings.  That unfortunately still leaves a lot of crap. Stuff we are keeping has to fit in a box and I put a limit of between 30-40 of them.

This might upon original reflection have been an over-achieving thought because at this point I am back to the doc box and cat in the carrier. But I digress, I am up to box 11 and almost done. I estimate another 7 to get the rest of it but with a total of less then 30 and possible less then 20. HOORAY! I also found that some of the best music to pack to is Pink. She has a mixture and it just doesn’t get boring. But not only that a few of her songs actually have something positive in them. Take her song “F**kin Perfect” it is pretty narley. The video starts out questionably but the music and lyrics are great with a great message.

Evil side of me perks up and thinks that because I am under my box limit then this allows for more crap to be sent. Hang on a moment while I go squash the crap out of her…

ok-so back to the sorting. There are many things that can fit into a box. So we start asking ourselves, will it cost more to ship it then to replace it over there? and Can it be replaced? The answer to the first one is an obvious yes for nearly all of it. Those things that it is a no for gets packed and sent. Problem with the last is that we can find sentimental value to just about anything.  We are really bad about this so back to question 1-can it be replaced? That is the clincher. We are finding as we wade through all this crap that it gets easier to to put it in the sale or donate pile. We are getting tired. But the end is near. We hope- We have only one room left and that is one that we haven’t really breached in 4 years. I shudder just thinking about it.

For those wondering about the evil one-she’s not dead just laying out cold in a box….For now





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  1. I did this when I moved to Hawaii, and I did it again when I left Hawaii. Not having all that STUFF is absolutely freeing. (And you don’t have to clean it, plus, you can actually put things like coats and shoes in your closet ….


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