Me Thinks I didn’t Quite Think this out Fully….

So ( and don’t you just hate it when a person starts out with so? Drives my hubby nuts ;)) Today a friend said she would loan us her car. I call her to let her know we are ready and no answer. We go by her house and no car or person, So we wait to see if she will call back but no call backs have occurred. This leaves us in a kinda lurch as we cannot rent a car and bring it here because of our broken ass car taking up space. grrrr!  This is the start of my very planned out, organized day.

I think I just want to crawl back into bed for today and face everything tomorrow.

While waiting for said hubby to return from his car foraging I am taking an extended break from packing, mainly because my pile is getting dangerously obscene right now. I decided to browse Craigslist for a room to rent for the last two months that we are here. This is what I found:

No Pets–This is difficult as I have my cat

No Couples-What the hell, It’s not like I’ll be taking up any more space. That or they want more money-Greedy bastards. The kicker is that once April gets here I will be here for only 3 weeks.

No Males-Seriously?

No Females-Again, seriously?!

No overnight guest-This one I can kinda understand for the short term renters but these ones are for the long term renters. Seriously people- you need to chill. If the other person is paying rent it’s something you should all be discussing!

4 Rolls of Toilet paper per month-Not even going there!

There is one in Japanese which when he/she/they translate will sometimes have English words and others times the Japanese words are just retyped

One nice person posted this:  local hawaiian dude here with a one bedroom apartment to share with another Male roomie on a temp basis.
If you’ve gotta be out of your place or in town and looking for a place but need a place to stay, i can possibly
help during the month of March from the 9th to 31st..and possibly for the month of April–.got two single beds in the living room
plus the bedroom has a queen bed….and a roof over your head, it beats staying in the BED MITE RIDDEN hostels in Waikiki.

Room to rent but must be gone most of the time because quiet atmosphere required.

Though my absolute favorite is room for rent, no kitchen privileges but plenty of restaurants located in neighborhood.


Thankfully, I have nearly a whole month to get things figured out. Hopefully something will come up. Looking forward to not being on the leeward coast is a very happy, sustaining thought.





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