Gone and Back Again

I would like to say I am a dedicated blogger, but that just wouldn’t be true. One would only have to look through my posts to see an occasional gap here and there to get the idea that I tend to write sporadically and sometimes only when I have found an amusing idea which I feel the need to share.

That being said,when I do return  and decide to post the first thing that I always do is look to see what my peeps are up too, how they are doing and what, if anything they may have come up with in my absence.  It is always grounding to realize that I am not the only one who gets  overly busy and cannot find the time nor the inclination to write.  When I logged in today, I was disheartened to see that both of my two favorite people have become busy in life and have taken a vacation. One to garden and the other to explore.  While I am happy for them both and a cannot wait to see what they have to say upon their return it is still a little sad not to see them on a regular basis.

It makes me think (ok-maybe hope too) that they felt the same way when I stopped showing up for a little daily bit.  Does this mean that now that I am aware I shall take up a little bit of the daily slack? Who know. Perhaps I shall continue on as before or perhaps, should I feel the need to share my thoughts for the day, I will contribute to the collective sea of minds out that hoping someone will share my point of view.

For today, though, my vegetables have been plucked, the dogs have been patted and I am off to wander around with my mom in search of care for whatever is needed doing. Who knows. Maybe I will see or do something that inspire a bout of writing like no other. Other then the stuff I have already seen.

Like the camel spider crawling across my floor the other night.

What I saw before I smashed it...

Though in truth, that wasn’t really what I saw. What I saw was this:

Picture Provided by www.richard-seaman.com

Not that this one is much better...

(the above pic was provided  by www.richard-seaman.com)

Since moving back here to Arizona, I have had to relearn all about the strange critters that roam around here, though I really don’t recall see these before. Being gone for 6 years has really changed the bug life here.  Perhaps next photo I will be able to get a picture of the sand nado’s that we have on a daily basis.  We shall see.

Till then peeps, Have a good day !



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