Things Our Parents Didn’t Tell Us!

It has been awhile since I have last visited here and I find I have missed it dearly. I was thinking to myself that I hadn’t done a 3WT in awhile and went over to Quilly’s page to see if she had maybe started doing it again and lo and behold–I couldn’t find it. What I did find were a lot of links to some really interesting reads, lots of lovely photos-she’s been back to Hawaii a couple of times since I’ve been here and of course some of her quips between her and her love. In addition to that I found her new Blog here Charlene. I found a most intriguing start to a new book she is writing. It has all the earmarks of being great, but then most of the things Charlene writes are-so no surprise there. Unfortunately, still no 3WT. Maybe I’ll try the 55 Flash Fiction and see what I can make of that…

In the mean time however, I find myself in the most amusing and not so amusing conundrum and that would be that after 34 years of living, I am finally coming to see things from my Mothers point of view. Now mind you not everything is changing, we still have very different points of styles when it comes to certain things but more and more I am seeing her side of it too. That is ok. What I find truly amusing is that I can remember thinking to myself when I was younger that I will never be like my Mother! Usually having said this at times when I was the one getting scolded and grounded, I am now on the opposite end of the table with my kid. It is amusing because I know she is thinking the very same thing about me that I thought about my Mom. And like me when she has her own kids and has to deal with their issues she too will be right where I am (that would be shaking her head in frustration). All in I think it would have been better for our parents to tell us that when we have kids we will come to a point of extreme aggrivation and that when we get to that point sometimes the best thing is to put not the kid in time out but ourselves. Nope, instead all I got growing up was “I hope your kids are just as bad as you are so that you know how I feel and what I went through.” Only thing was, I wasn’t all that bad, just withdrawn. So why did I get such an onery kid? The conundrum I guess would be that if I had done some of the things my kid does my mother would have beat my ass then grounded me for months on end. Life would have been even more miserable than it was (to my view point at that age) then.  I on the other hand don’t hit my kid. Not because I haven’t wanted to nor is it because I don’t believe in corporal punishment (I so strongly do). It just stopped working with my kid at an early age and quite frankly I am afraid to be one of those parents whose children are afraid of them. So, if a kid is bad and gounding them doesn’t work anymore and spanking is out of the question, what then is there to do with them? While I sit and ponder this, here is a pic I found below from tumblr. It’s caption is “that’s how people grow up.” Something else some of our parents never told us.




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