Schools Have Gone Off the Deep End

Is it just me or have school districts the United States over gone off the deep end? I ask this because lately all I see are news stories about some kid getting suspended over what color hair they have,  how long it is or what artwork they have shaved into it. One would think that with all the other problems we have inside our schools, school officials and teachers would have more things to worry about, things like actually teaching their student body something other then how to shut up, sit down and don’t have an opinion or a single independent thought!

Today, our children aren’t being taught how to think, they are being told what to think. Heaven forbid a child should have an original thought thought these days. And sadly I don’t blame the Teachers out there who are trying the very best that they can with what they are allowed to do. That’s right I said allowed. Today teachers also are not allowed to have an original thought on how to teach. It’s all laid out for them by the school district and lawmakers to achieve higher ratings in the schools. My question is, does this really work? Guessing by the amount of non teaching that has gone on in my daughters school this year so that that school can boost it’s students grades in 2 areas I would have to give an unequivocal NO.

So I propose this to all those District ladder climbers out there; Stop worrying about the color, length, bizarre shavings on a persons head, and focus more on why our children are failing in school. Why our drop out rate has risen , why it is that online schools, home schooling and alternative schools are on the rise? What is so special about these schools that we are lacking in our public schools?

But most importantly, lets look at our students and our time and see where it is we are failing to meet the needs of not only our students but our community. Look at ways we can inspire individual thought and not look down at it. Let’s look at ways in which we can focus on alternative ways to get the lessons learned when the methods that are being tried no longer work.

Last but not least. Let’s stop being so PC (politically correct) about everything as it seems only to be getting in the way!


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