Shit People Say and All That PC Bull

I am always amazed at the things people say. Usually though it is done in sarcasm with a bite at the intended idiot the response is to. Sometimes though you get a good one with honesty and no sarcasm, like today when I went to my Doctor and he said ” I already knew what I was going to do before I walked in. I only let you talk because it makes you feel better, not because I really wanted to know or care.” Mind you this is from the Doctor. At least he was honest and I think he felt a little guilty because afterwards he said that I was an exception and that he was really worried about me. Yeah. Not believing that one! But it was refreshing. I like it when people are honest without the sarcasm. It completely throws you off guard and makes you sit up and pay attention. So next time you start to say something PC take a second thought. You never know what reactions will come about.


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