Another Great Big Move

So off we are again and this time within the mainland of the U.S. Our New destination is New Bern, North Carolina and this move comes with a few peculiar twists. Instead on one pet we are moving with 3 (2 Dogs and 1 Cleo {cat}). The difficulty rating went way up due to the little beasties due to the fact that people here want an egregious amount for the pet deposit. Think close to $1,000.00 and that’s for the ones that allow pets, and here so many don’t. I find it funny that with such a pet friendly community that it was difficult to find a place, but we finally did.

Perhaps I should have shown them a Pic of Alex and they would have given in.

Meet Alex, He's a particularly handsome fellow and he knows it.

Meet Alex, He’s a particularly handsome fellow and he knows it.

His brother Marley is cute as well. Unfortunately I have no pics that do him justice so till next time.

And again I find that the family has split apart. I am here and my family is still in Arizona. My tasks: To find us a place to live, to get a job and to get us settles in in regards to utilities, phones, internet, etc.

Found a place to live, can do nothing about the utilities until Monday and while I am looking for a job, I am also thinking about starting my own business. We shall see. Did I mention I would be going back to school in September (I Hope) and getting an MBA. So a lot on our plates. My poor family on the other hand doesn’t have it so easy and plans are ever changing and revolving.  We will see how it goes.



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