More, more and more….!

I love how technology has made it so much easier to reach out and meet other people from all over the world. I just sometimes wish there wasn’t an app for every little thing.

For instance. I love books-I love the texture and the smell and the ability to turn the page. I like to speak with people about books I have read and in turn hear what they have read. I read a book online that I thought was fairly decent and put in a review to the author and did you know, I now have another account for something that I may or may not use more than a few times a year. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good site, but I feel sad that I have to sign up for new ones every time I want to give my opinion on something. I suppose I don’t have to, but sometimes one just cannot help themselves. So, this wonderful website I have joined is called GOOD READS, where I am listed under the same name of Ordinarilyjustme. So should you want to share any reviews of a good book, just go there where you have access to millions. Note, in order to read or share you have to sign up for an account. 


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