On The Road Again…

So here it is less than a year later and we are packing it up again because we are not happy in the place we choose to settle down and be happy in. Many things have happened over the past few months that have made my Hubby and I realize that some things just aren’t worth the hassle and also, if we had both just spoken up about our reservations maybe we wouldn’t be in the lurch we currently find ourselves in. SOOOOOO-for those few that still glance at my very neglected blog from time to time know that we are heading back west again or Home as I like to call it. Since my Hubby did it last time it is now my turn to drive cross country with 2 dogs-though I don’t have the advantage of tranq’s like he did-nor did he take a cat :(- a cat and a moody teenager (though once we get on the road she will be a very good navigator.

Roughly we will be traveling 3100 miles give or take about 50MI depending on which way we go and roughly 45-55 hours to get there depending on the route taken. I’m thinking if it were just me n the kid it would only take about 3 days but when you add pets into the mix not possible-probably in this environ anyway! Also it will be a first for me as I have never driven cross country before. Choices choices on which road we will be racing down to return back to our parts known. Off to start planning!


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