You People Scare Me Now-a conversations with joe story

You people scare me now

Anyways, back to my conversation with Joe, we were sitting in the park that afternoon watching the jogger and getting annoyed at the man behind us in the bushes. I swear he was wanking off, but I really didn’t want to turn around and have my suspicions confirmed so I just ignored the sounds and continued speaking with Joe about how he became who he was. Dead that is-turns out Joe was once a skivvy crook who hung out in warehouses manufacturing and selling-He didn’t go into what and I didn’t ask on account of me not wanting to know. Well, he was in there one day when it all went BOOM! Next thing he knows he is standing on the outside looking in, but wasn’t sure how he had gotten there. When they brought out the bodies and he saw his arm with the gold Rolex being carted out he knew. As for why he didn’t go into the light, well according to Joe, there wasn’t one and all the ghosts hanging out hadn’t seen one either, so they just hung around, listening to other peoples conversations or as Joe liked to do from time to time, looking in on their bath times. Typical Joe.

Well, Joe was sitting next to me that day and I finally said to him “Joe, what is the Burning man? Who is he and why is everyone afraid?” Joe scratched his head and contemplated the answer for a moment, thinking then said “strange thing about fear, there’s never any one thing a person can put their finger on about it, they just knows they afeard, ya know? But sometimes, just sometimes on a very rare occasion you can put your finger on it and see what it is you’re afraid of. This ain’t one of them.” With that he got up and started to pace-Joe was a pacer when he was contemplating something-and then he just stopped-looked in the direction of the Salish Sea and said “let’s go, I want to show you something.”

Next thing I know, I’m standing on a small cliff looking out to sea, but it’s not the normal sea I had come to expect. The waves did not crash so much as beat against the rocks, almost as though it was trying to convey something that wasn’t clear. It was eerie and disturbing though I couldn’t put my finger on it. I remember the sea as blissful and full of spunk, but now, well it almost seemed as though it was the worst of villains in a most onerous play, one where he snuck up on you but once you knew, all the little pieces that had been puzzling you fell into place and the picture was whole. That was how I felt, like a lot of the pieces were there, but it was still missing a few key ones. When I looked up, seeking Joe, I got a surprise, as Joe wasn’t the only one standing there. Hundreds of ghosts where all around, where once just Joe and I had been the only two people there was now a crowd and they weren’t looking out to sea as Joe was doing, no, they were looking at me! “Uh, Joe, what’s going on? And why are all these people looking at me?”


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