It’s not what you think…

“It’s not what you think!” usually, this is something that I dread hearing. It generally means that someone-my current love- who is lying on top of someone else is doing exactly what I think. So what do you do when someone is saying that to you and they are standing next to a dead body?

“Really, it’s not what you think. You’ve got to listen…”Ray stuttered as he looked at me apprehensively, pausing as I held up my hand and examined the evidence around said body, as well as a healthy look at the body itself.

It was a male, thin and gangly looking. Almost like a runner but without the beef. Cloudy eyes, I couldn’t determine a color because of the murkiness, but guessing brown. The hair wasn’t overly long, but neither was it short though it was curly, and not in an attractive way at the moment. I’m guessing that was a result of the crusted matted blood covering one side of it. That and it looked mashed as though it had been tucked under a cap for a while. The body itself had been dragged judging from the marked trail in the earth that ended at his body. Not another injury, at least not on the front of the body. No visible bruising or old bruises, no limbs at odd angles and no missing digits as far as I could tell. In addition he was mostly naked. He only had on his sneakers-no socks and they didn’t appear to be soaked in blood. So, he was stripped before or after his death and the shoes put on after. Very weird. The site itself was basic. Lots of bushes, trees and leaves and other forest debris. No tracks other than that of the dragged body no strange marking on the tree. A sizable whole 4 feet from the body, shovel leaning against a most awesomely archaic tree.

I looked at Ray a moment making a quick judgment. Tall, slim and built but not overly so-would have been able to carry the body instead of having to drag it. Able to kill, but not a killer or even the killer under circumstance-even with the dirt on his hands. So, why was he digging the hole? I walked the perimeter keeping Ray and the body in sight at all times. I wasn’t wrong, but it’s always good to not be mistaken just in case I was. After I made my circuit, I came to stand not so close to but in front of Ray. I had formulated an idea of what he was doing, but before I made an assumption and made an ass out of myself, I wanted to hear what he was going to say.

“So-if it’s not what I think, how about you telling me what it is then?” I stood there looking at him and waiting, but still keen on my surroundings.



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