Rain of Words

A sea of starts, most all ending in failure. A roaring, shattering, crashing sound. An envisioned quite all but lost. Words, all descriptive in their turning, but what meaning have they wrought, that none but you would understand them? I bear this certainty, in this one moment, that what I say will not be understood as I mean, but yet will it be interpreted as nothing more than drivel or heinous, dependent upon what you yourself think and feel. I can but turn a pretty phrase or make that most pretty heinous myself, but for you to understand what I have said  does not takes a magician or a linguist to get-only a simple observation of what might be going around right now, to see and hear and feel and smell the air that surrounds this vacuous shell. I could simply say something so simple but in that simplicity it will not convey all that which I mean for there are no words to describe this-And way to much pain to bear it, this burden of words that is, for not even Nietzsche in all his wisdom came close–and yet who could?


Sometimes when writing, I get blocked so I just put word to paper, or in this case keystroke to blog and see what comes up. It is a useful way to get the words flowing, and sometimes in the middle of all that drive, if you don’t confuse yourself or your readers, something wonderful happens and you find that you are writing.

So perhaps tomorrow shall be another day.


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