I stand in a dark room, with no light to guide me,

Lost in a labyrinth of senses not familiar -fear and excitement intermingling.

I stand alone and do not fight the dark. Instead- I embrace it.

I let it fall all around me like a silken cloak to be bundled in

and hug it to my chest, that I might absorb it into me.

In the dark I am alive-So alive it burns and as yet, very dead, for it is here that

I have awakened to the knowledge that in the light I hide the brightest part of me.

That which must stay hidden-

or so I believe- lest others be hurt. Better to be dead inside instead of hurting another.

The raging conflict this creates in me a great heartache, and as I stumble through the

dark, searching for that light, I accept that in order to live I must wither and die.


A little dark, as is my mood, but it is appropriate I think. The Picture was take with an HTC cell phone camera around 7pm. 05/23/15—Also, I think I found a theme that I am really happy with and it is simple. So hopefully there will be no more changes for awhile. I hope. I think. …We will see. 🙂 Till later.



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