A continue of “NO” and a 5 Minute Poem

400px-No_death_penalty.svg3 hours later, the doctor was telling me how lucky I was, I had after all, died 4 times. 4 times and the last one I was out the longest. In fact, the good Doctor told me I was something of a bit of miracle, after 7 minutes the brain is dead and even should the body live there is to be expected brain damage. I was dead an hour, and the Dr. couldn’t explain how I was at all responsive let alone sitting up and talking. Endless questions were coming and mostly I just wanted to escape. How else is a person supposed to react to being told that they had passed over to the great beyond and then been rejected? At least, that was my take on it.

One day later, after extensive tests and psychological evals (these people are intense and they can go all hours of the night!) I was fed up. I wanted to leave-Now. No one listened of course, so the first moment I was left alone I was out of the sorry excuse the hospital called a gown and into my street clothes Mom had brought to have the coroner dress me in. It wasn’t much better, a black dress that I didn’t even know I owned. Standing, looking in the mirror I almost put the hospital gown back on-almost, but decided that I couldn’t waste any more time.Guadyblackfuneraldress

It is amazing how other people look the other way when you’re wearing funeral clothing. It’s like they don’t want to look at your grief so they hide and avert their eyes. Dr’s really avoid you and only the rare and brave nurse will approach. I was glad that the dress was big, it covered any bandages covering my body-not that there were many-and none of the staff seemed to recognize me so I was able to leave with little interruption. I lived across the city and at this time of morning there was not really much in the way of traffic or transportation. I could have hailed a cab but didn’t have money-there was a bus that ran 24/7 but it too took money. Something of which I didn’t have—it didn’t occur to me until just as I was walking up the porch some 4 hours later that I could have taken a cab and upon arriving had my parents pay for it. See, who says there was no brain damage, already I was slow on the uptake. By this time my parents were awake and freaking out. Dad was out driving around and Mom was pacing, never a good sign, when I walked up. First came the hug and then came the rant. I was irresponsible leaving the hospital without being discharged and how did I get home? Did I take a ride from a stranger and on and on it went, all the while Mom called Dad to let him know I had shown up, which was less then a minute in which she ceased nagging. I tried to sneak past her but she was quick “Isabella Samantha ColSON! Just where do you think you’re going? We need to get you back to the hospital” My mother, a small figure of a woman, stood in front of me, hands on her hips and glared me into temporary submission. She seemed to have aged overnight, well, ever since the incident, and I almost didn’t recognize her. Taking a deep breath, getting my thoughts in order I started “First I am going to go shower and then I am going to burn the ridiculous travesty of a dress you were going to dress me in -really this was all you could find? Where did you find it, the garbage lady down the street? It is completely hideous, I cannot believe you were going to bury me in it, and after that I had planned on sleeping. I feel like I haven’t slept in forever!” the sideways rant threw her off for a moment, she even smiled and looked on the verge of laughter, but then she bucked up and said no way in hell was that happening we were returning to the hospital. Since my initial argument didn’t work I decided to try a little truth “They were asking me weird questions, Mum, and they want to do weird tests, I feel like that kid in the Darryl movie who was all hooked up to wires. They’re just creepy and I don’t want to go back to that place. Please.” I never said please. That more than anything I think is what caused her to pause. “ What people were asking you what questions?” It was like she became frozen as though waiting for her worst fears to come true. “You know, all those shrinks and doctors at the hospital. They wanted to hypnotize me and see if I could remember anything…” I trailed off. My Mom looked like she had seen a demon cross her path, but she was looking at me so I don’t know. She seemed to get a hold of herself and gave herself a shake. “Well, that won’t be happening. We are going back and your Dad and I will not be leaving your side, but we will be going back young lady regardless of whether you want to or not. I will however let you change—well, shower first and then change and you can bring the ‘hideous dress’ with you when you come down.” Resolution face. That meant no budging. Damn, 4 hours and I had to go back. I just couldn’t catch a break.the doctors

True to her word, Mom made sure her or Dad never left my side. They took turns spelling one another for about a week. The Dr couldn’t believe I had walked 4 hours, but since once we got back to the hospital deep wariness set in and I slept for 24 hours straight. When it became obvious my parents weren’t budging from my side, some of the staff backed off. There was one that was more pushy and seemed more intent upon interviewing me than the others, but my parents told him no.

After the hospital discharged me I expected to go back to school the following day, but Mom said no, that the school was till closed while they investigated.


So here is where I stop for the day. I am not sure where I want to go from here. Should it be super powers? A psychic ability? Possession? Feel free to weigh in, but if not, I am sure the story will find itself once I have reflected upon it a bit. In the interim, let’s see what quick poem I can conjure in 5 minutes or less…

Random Breeze and thought

The summer breeze gives me away to spring time wanderings and all that may

a slightest insert of a cloudy mist sparks a dewy rainbow road away

in the field of unrolled wheat, running circles and dancing gaily

nymphs of Sun and Moon alight

frolicking in the daylight.

I yearn to roam and play about,

but work keeps me grounded and here about.

In the back I do wonder, what tomorrow will bring

I plunder on in hopes of yonder, asking that someday will be different

That I too might one day dance and frolic, running circles in the unrolled fields,

a dancing partner by my side, merrily kissing and delighting in

the merest touch of skin.


Not my personal best.. After the first line I blanked and had to struggle, so you get to bear the fruits of my un-thought out poetry 😀


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