All About my day, a moment of contentment, what a beautiful flower and what an awesome song…

Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park

Content(ment)–the act of being happy with all that is, the current space in which one exists and knowing peace. This is my definition and how I would describe my day.


Lake Washington–I think?

It was awesome! Went out with my friend on her boat and got a boat tour of the Kirkland Seattle area, got to float on the water and re-energize in the sun. Much thanks goes to her for this day.

Sitting at home this evening I looked out and saw what was one of my plants flowered. I didn’t know 046it flowers, in fact I thought that it was a parsley plant, Me thinks I am incorrect in this assessment. So if one of you who reads my blog wants to identify it that would be awesome. They are quite gorgeous, and since we have a hive on our porch, they are well tended.


This is what I was listening to as I started to write this. I really like Ed Sheeran.

and with that, since it’s the eve of the full moon, I think I will go up to my balcony and pay homage to my plants, maybe light a candle and enjoy the breeze.


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