Always in the Mood…and maybe some life changes

For new music by artists I haven’t heard before and also for music that has a certain…shall we say flow? to it. This is something I can most definitely write to and possibly get the gumption up to ride my bike a little further!

Today’s adventure included my bike which I have had for 2 years but has only been ridden once (that being today of course)IMAG0227

The goal was to see who would break first, the bike or me. I was betting on me due to my predilection for–well, we’ll call them mishaps. As you can see there is a nifty little helmet hanging from the handle bars—no I didn’t use it because it turns out it was my daughters from when her head was smaller–both figuratively and literally. I went without, which I probably shouldn’t have done because of the aforementioned mishaps, but I figured if I waited I would put it off again for another week and then another and we all know how that goes, so no helmet.

I had concerns of course, especially as when I got on the bike it sunk. I thought I had broke it before I had even started. Turns out there are really awesome and good working shock absorbers. Once I had that figured out came the seat. It wasn’t the one I had bought to replace the factory one. It wasn’t too narrow but it wasn’t real comfortable either, so I see a visit back to storage this weekend to look for the missing bit.

IMAG0233This was my path and it was great. I had forgotten how fun it is to coast a bike. It also made me think about how long it had been (at least 2 decades) which made me think about how young I am and that I need to get in gear, so, back to the random journal post…

The ride on the path was pretty neat. I didn’t go to far, maybe half a mile down. In between peddling I was taking snap shots of my surroundings, which I think was as equally satisfying. Suffice it to say, it was a short but fun ride and no breakage of me or the bike so yeah. We will see if I can walk tomorrow.

Today’s entry also includes the introduction to Morbid. Morbid is my office buddy who sits with me on my desk—hopefully scaring the night janitors away. 😉 As you can see he has taken over the hole punch and seems quite content to hang out there. He is very useful when it comes to replacement therapy–that is, I wring his neck as apposed to others I would like to and then all is well, but mostly he provides distraction during those parts of the day that get boring.



If looking for something to do in the great Pacific Northwest there are a few fiction cons going on…

and last but not least John of Double U  posted a poem that I liked

it’s called Share a Smile, take a peak.


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