A little bit of a rant…and found a new friend who also likes to VLOG!

Today is Monday and as Mondays goes it seemed crazy! The paperwork surrounding my desk keeps increasing and you would think that I could get some overtime just to get it caught up, but no, NOT HAPPENING! So as the work loads come in my pile increases! I still haven’t gotten all of last weeks work done 😦 at this rate I will be surrounded by piles of paper if something doesn’t change…

Of course, there’s always this option too. 😉

On another note, couple of my friends informed me of what they do in their spare time, something called VLOGGING. I had never heard of it till recently and thought I would share a link so that you all can be educated as well. It is simple a blog but in video format! For me, I’ll stick to the written word, but it is fun to watch sometimes…hmmm….maybe someday I will mix it up a little and see what the creative processes come up with… Till then, here is her blog REALBEALVLOG via Youtube!




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