My F.I.L. AND Getting old

So this weekend has been, well, let’s just say interesting. All things planned were cancelled due to the warm weather, people being sick or what have you…

So as normal we went to my Father in Laws (F.I.L.) to bask in the luxury of of his AC, internet and Television–except when hubby arrived it was to find F.I.L. on the floor barely concious…Turns out his blood sugar got too low (he’s diabetic) and he passed out and had been there for awhile…He’s fine now in case anyone was wondering but it did make us realize that some things really need to change, mostly with him taking better care of himself. B.I.L. (brother in law) the eldest, wants to put him in a retirement home and we just want him to live with us. It could have something to do with how we view retirement/assisted living homes.

This is what comes to mind when I/we think of them:

I am thinking that this is what my B.I.L. is thinking:

but in truth is probably…

Just kidding…Not the last picture but somewhere between the first two.

At any rate, there are many questions that are starting to be asked and not a lot of answers, well, not answers anyone wants to face right now. So the goal is to delay any type of transition that might be more harmful in the long run to all of us and in the interim figure out something that will apease everyone (mostly) and move forward. I love my F.I.L–he is an awesomely funny person whose wisdom and insights are something I look forward to everyday, but I also want him to live out his remaining years not picking himself up off the floor every so often because he doesn’t take the necessary steps to care for himself.

All pictures were found on Google/images and came with no express permission to use…


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