Movies, Music and how to sign out of FB off my cell…

I started out this episode of writing listening to Joss Stone. I do love her throaty vocals. But, as happens from time to time, there was an update needed and instead of clicking no for the gazillionth time I went ahead and said yes. Which meant iTunes had to stop and after about 8 minutes of downloading that my computer had to reboot. ACK! I didn’t realize this update would need to do that and scrambled to close out all other programs before it restarted.

On to the reboot of  iTunes and Aretha Franklin’s “It Hurts like hell” was my first option, so as any self respecting person would do, after it was over I immediately switched over to Black Eyed Peas. Swept right past Avril Levigne and have settled on the dulcet tones of Celo Green. He’s a funny one but I do enjoy his songs. Crazy is my absolute favorite of his–Though I didn’t know it at the time since he used another name–Gnarls Barkley.

I added a clip for you all to listen too.

While all the rest of this was happening I took the screen shot of my computer I had taken earlier with my phone and shared it on FB(FACEBOOK). I really need to paint this on my wall someday. Or something like it.


Downloaded from Google Space pictures.

Well, using my phone to post to FB is something new to me and I didn’t realize how hard it was to sign out of it. It’s not like you can just close it and it logs itself out, no, oh no. That is not what happens. In the process of trying to get it to close because the annoying little bings and chirps that accompany each notification are distracting as all get out. So I turned to google–for which I have to say, don’t ever randomly google a how to without a specific something. Hundreds of thousands of choices come up. You have to have specifiers to narrow it down. I can’t say that google helped me out on this one. Not because of it (google) but because I just didn’t have the patience (chirping phone remember) going off. I eventually figured it out though. And no more chirping. Yeah!

On to a more serious venue, let’s do  movie review/opinion shall we?I haven’t been to the theater in roughly 3 years and decided to sojourn to a show by myself this afternoon. It was a tough choice between Inside Out and American Ultra. Ultra won out because it has one of my favorite actors Jesse Eisenberg in it–You might all remember him from the 2009 movie Zombieland or if Zombies aren’t your cuppa tea  Now You See Me 2013 was another one. The one downfall was that the movie also starred Kirsten Stewart. My previous review of her was not so generous. I don’t care too much for her as an actress, I don’t think she can really act, though I did like her in The Messengers.

Now then, where was I–oh yes, the movie. Let’s start out with the theater. Regal Cinemas. It was a nice theater, but it was the first time I had ever paid tax on my ticket before and the price alone reminded me of why I hadn’t gone in awhile-roughly $12.00 per person and then the cost of a small, not a large but a small soda and popcorn was another $11.00 for a round total of $23.00. For one person. I don’t think I need to belabor the point anymore here. Maybe on another day. For now, let’s continue with the review shall we?

American Ultra

The movie was billed as an Action/Comedy–my two favorite Genres outside of horror and scifi. So let’s critique. Not a bad start, it moved along well enough but maybe a tad too long. It picks up when the character Eisenberg plays gets activated and things start to happen. It’s kind of like a CHUCK television series moment in some ways.From there it kinda winds down.

Action-check:There was definitely action and some fast hand work with guns and what have you. there was the senseless deaths that we have come to love and expect of any action film  that starts multiple guns. This one had the added benefit of a spoon and a cast iron skillet used in the the mayhem and death of the supporting characters.

Comedy-check:There was definitely comedy, the funniest part involved a grenade, but as for the rest of the film, it didn’t seem to sync with the rest of the bits the catch phrases were meant for, almost like the delivery was hesitant and a beat off. Taken separately I am sure it was funny, but the few people in the theater didn’t seem to be laughing a whole lot or at the appropriate moments.

Engaging–this is where we loose a check. I go to the theater to be engaged and absorbed into the film. I want to forget that I am in a theater where I paid for an over priced ticket and beverage. I don’t want to be aware of what the other patrons are or are not doing. I want to become lost in the story and unfortunately, I cannot say that I was. Normally I don’t mind the exaggerated bits (after all it’s a movie) but I couldn’t help being astounded that at one point the main character is both stabbed and shot in the head but somehow manages to live?Another one should have died in an explosion. I knew about the hidden agenda of some of the people, having figured out the plot cues long before I should have (yes, I normally do that anyways, but I have learned to not whisper it out loud anymore while watching the movie) These things which I don’t normally dwell on until after the film is done, well, they were dwelt on while the film was still rolling.

So my review, in short is that it’s not a bad film. Definitely worth waiting for the DVD to come out or Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime. But not worth the effort of a theater. If we were doing a thumbs up or down I think mine would be to the side.



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