Back in the Kitchen

Recently my husband and I started cooking again, and it started with me watching a youtube video of Bobby Parrish creating one of the most flavorful dishes I have ever had the opportunity to experience.

We decided to duplicate the recipe as well as one other and some how made it turn out right! Well, most of it anyway. We miscalculated on the type of lentils to get and so that part of our experiment was an epic fail–BUT we were able to use couscous set aside for another dish instead and it turned out all right.


I posted the pics up on Youtube as well with many technical difficulties. Since I felt it was important to post something I decided to go ahead with what I had, with the promise to later go back and fix it. What was the problem you ask? Well, a while ago my husband bought a microphone for another project. The microphone sat in the box for months until this project came along and I decided to use it. Only problem was that it was not a plug n play device. It requires more equipment. Someone didn’t read the smaller print when they purchased it. Hey, we all make mistakes :). That lead to no sound or recording to publish with the slideshow and a lack of conversion software for alternative methods. It’s ok. I am learning and am having a blast doing so. So, until then, I have all this learning time on my hands. As well as cooking, sewing, gardening, preparing for gardening…etc…So, this is what I am up to. How about you?



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