All About Themes

I realized that after accidentally switching my theme, that I will need to become more educated in this whole blog-o-sphere theme thingy. Yes, I am calling it a thingy, until I learn more that is.

The point of this short is to say that we are never to old to learn. Not that I am–old that is, but I am pushing the hill and while not on top yet, I don’t really want to get there not knowing how this works. It’s not as hard for me as others–I used to be a computer/software geek (still am at times)–but I have been away from it for some time now (read 10+ years) so getting back into the swing of things is a bit more difficult than I anticipated. This is an easy fix though, as all I need is one of those WordPress for Dummies books or even a class at the local library. If I can find neither, then I can always fall back on YouTube and friends and at some point become expert in the subject. At which point, I can then write about and teach others.

Sounds like a strong plan to me. So wish me luck, and if you have something to add, Please do.

I will look for your response. For now, I’m out to lunch (literally).



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