Shorts, Stories and other Random Things

3WT #41

So I had to play a little bit to get to the story. Hope you all won’t mind.

  • Incompossible- Unable to exist if something else exists.
  • Harl- to drag (something) along the ground
  • Thropple- To throttle; strangle

It is not incompossible to thropple a person while you harl them around.

It is a preconceived notion that only man has existed at one time alone. Most people would say that it is imcompossible for man and dinosaurs or homo erectus and homo sapiens to have existed during the same time. Science however has found that they did indeed exist within the same periods. Though some scientists would love to thropple this new theory, and even to harl it to the fiery pits of hell since it destroys said preconceived notions, I believe that this current theory is here to stay-at least until this theory has been disproved or new science has verified.

Dimensional Parallels


“It is inconceivable though not incompossible that we exist in a dimension with many parallels within it. If this is the case then who can say what is and is not real? Perhaps that is why we have so many stories and beliefs. You can explain so much if you go on the theory that at one time our dimension was whole and then something happened to break it apart. When that break occurred we became separate from others. In this instance, one could perhaps explain things like aliens or cryptozoologic species and even perhaps angels and demons. For example, let’s say that each parallel is comprised of something that was once whole. Perhaps each part that was separated evolved into something else? This could explain why our myths have dragons, unicorns, griffins and such. It could also explain why some people insist that they have been visited by aliens or had a demon harl a person off to ‘hell’ or been visited by what appears to be angels. By studying the possibilities of parallel dimensions we could open up a whole new alternative for existence among our species. I implore you not to thropple this avenue of research so quickly and think upon the ramifications of what this science could allow us to do and accomplish.”  Bowing respectfully, the young Dr. made his way back to his seat. His was only the 5th in a long series of requests for further scientific study and development and the only one in which there was no real scientific knowledge or base to comprise from. It was, to say the least, an extreme long shot for this grant, but he had to start somewhere. Time was running out.

3WT #41

The Words:
scaevity: unluckiness, left-handedness
gnathonize: to flatter
roblet: to lead astray

Dr. Rhinovan sat in the audience listening to the endless parties come and go for their requests for more money and grants and leniency for their mundane scientific research. Of them all only about five showed promise. Yes, five different disciplines and they all were inner related. They just needed some one to roblet them from academia. Dr. Rhinovan had waited a long time to for such an alignment of disciplines. The scaevity of the modern world to have such narrow, public views of these sciences was mind baffling, especially seeing as what was happening to our planet. Over-population, starvation, epidemic, the green house effect-all of these could be found in the bible and in general everyday news and science journals and yet no one really took it seriously. Propaganda directed the masses elsewhere or had them believing all the doom and gloom were all hype. These sciences that could help and save millions, these sciences were pushed under the carpet-people studying those called crackpots and ignored. No matter how intelligent they were or how much proof they could show.

The corporation that Dr. Rhinovan was apart of was a secret one comprised of people from all over the world and from all disciplines. From medical doctors to teachers, all the best in their field and nearly all of them stifled by their peers. It was these people that, once all brought together, would walk into the future. If they were on time that was.

Well, that was enough internalizing. Time to gnathonize these young doctors and get them over onto his side. And why wouldn’t they come? After all, could offer them all what they so badly wanted. No, there should be no problems. None at all. Writing down the name of the five doctors he passed it on to his assistant, who would know what to do with it. There were procedures to be followed. After all, they couldn’t just invite anyone to join them now could they?

2 Weeks later…

“Jaime? I’m back” walking to the back of the lab Dr. Blackstone caught the strains of Beethoven’s Sonata in C Opus 2 No. 3 Adagio. It was one of Jaime’s favorites when he was in a foul mood. He always said the music was like a line into his soul of what he was feeling-that while it didn’t come off as being angry, there was a dark undertone to it that he just connected with. He told Dr. Blackstone once that it gave him comfort knowing that there was someone out there who, although now dead, understood him and was able to transform it into music. For the life of him, Dr. Blackstone couldn’t understand it nor could he hear the darkness his young Jaime stated he could hear. To him the strands were just there, slightly soothing, mostly boring. He himself much preferred the great Oz. Well, to each his own. He wondered what had gotten Jaime into such a foul mood this time. Walking through the door he didn’t need to ask. His Lab was in complete chaos, as though someone had run a wind cyclone experiment inside it. “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN HERE?” he yelled. Jaime jumped but then turned angry eyes to him, his face red and blotchy, he was so angry he could barely speak.

“It was the Dean DR. Blackstone, he just came in and said that he was kicking us out. That we have a week to pack up our gear and be gone. He said that none of our studies were relevant and that all the work we had put in was a waste. I got kicked out! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ABOUT BLACKSTONE, HOW CAN WE GET TOSSED OUT LIKE THIS WITHOUT A REVIEW OR AN ACADEMIC TRIAL. I HAVE BUSTED MY ASS THESE PAST TWO YEARS ONLY TO HAVE SOME MEALY MOUTHED JERK COME IN HERE AND TAKE IT ALL AWAY-HOW I ASK YOU!” The louder Jaime’s voice rose the harder he pounded on the table he was so angry. Dr. Blackstone was having a hard time believing what he was hearing, let alone seeing. He had never seen Jaime so angry. And this worried him. “There must be some mistake! Our science is sound and relevant. We are at the forefront of nano science! Did he leave a note or say anything else?”

Jaime looked at him for a moment and then “Yes. There was one other thing Dr. Blackstone. You’re fired.”

“uhm-hmmm. Excuse me, but I couldn’t help overhearing and though I am sorry for you, for me this couldn’t have happened at a better time. Let me introduce my self. I am Henry Gustafson and I am the personal assistant to Dr. Rhinovan. Dr. Rhinovan would like to invite you and your assistant to participate in a scientific adventure. You will excuse me I am on a bit of a time line-I have 2 more contacts to make before tomorrow ends. Here is the paperwork for the both of you. A Sindy Mayan will be at the airport awaiting your arrival. She will be your guide. And again, sorry for the circumstances under which we are meeting, but know that we had no hand in this.” With that the little wiry man in spectacles clipped his heels and jetted out the door, leaving the young scientist and his young assistant starring after him.

3WT # I don’t know what because it’s been so long ;p

eructate, v. – belch
noctambule, v. sleepwalk
coxcomb, n. a conceited, foolish dandy; pretentious

Sorry, I have only shorts this week. I seem to be suffering a form of writers block per se, Hopefully the shorts are as entertaining to read as they were to write.

The coxcomb noctambuled and eructated.

During the eructate contest, the yearly champ became such a coxcomb that no one wanted to compete against him. It worried him so that he would noctambule at all hours of the night, eructating his internal monologue. The neighbors were not happy.

Of the three vices; eructate, noctambule and being a coxcomb, I would choose to be the coxcomb simply because it occurs when I should so choose to exercise it, not have it happen during a subconscious moment for which the neighbors and various family members can harangue me for.


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